Translating the store's content into the target...

Translating the store's content into the target language

This service consists in translating the content of the store into another language, the translation is performed using the Google Transalate API, it covers up to 3 million characters (it is enough to translate up to 3 languages with 2,000,000 products).


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The translation service includes:

  • products (descriptions, names, features and their values, attributes and their values, rewritten url, tags)
  • categories (names, rewritten url)
  • modules (front panel and administration panel)
  • store template
  • cms (pages and rewritten url)

Benefits for stores

  • creating products in foreign languages will allow you to attract foreign customers
  • new content in other languages is suitable for positioning, and indexing robots start indexing content in other languages, which gives us more visits to the websites of foreign customers' products


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