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Pro price comparison sites for PrestaShop 1.5.x & 1.6.x & 1.7.x

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The module integrating PresatShop with the most popular comparison websites in Poland and not only such as, Ską,,, Sklep24,,, Usł, , Alejka. pl,,,,, ,, ,,, , , Empik .pl, Additional functions will make your store noticed, support for advanced warehouse management, breakdown of the combination of attributes into a product, multistore support, the ability to choose categories, manufacturers, own configurations for each of the comparison websites separately.

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Features and Benefits

  • support for 24 price comparison engines such as, Ską,,, Sklep24, ,,,,,,, , , ,,,,,,,,, Go. pl (and others using the Ceneo, Skąpca or Nokaut format)
  • the ability to select the currency
  • the ability to add or subtract a percentage from the price
  • the possibility of excluding products whose price is lower than the set minimum
  • mapping Ceneo categories to store categories
  • the option to choose a currency, e.g. when the default one is in Euro and we want to issue it in PLN
  • two modes of generating xml files (by dynamically calling the url address or by adding a link to the cron to generate files every few hours) the cron option is useful when we have a lot of products in the store + 50k then it will allow us to generate such a file without any problems
  • possibility to select a group for product prices in xml
  • an additional security token so that unauthorized people do not have access to generate files when invoked by url or cron link.
  • the ability to configure all options for each of the comparison websites independently (i.e. for the miser, we only send products from 10 categories and to Ceneo from the rest of the categories) it is the only module on the market with such functionality at the time of writing this text
  • the ability to choose a category (for each configuration of the comparison engine independently)
  • the ability to disable selected manufacturers (for each configuration of the comparison engine independently)
  • the ability to disable selected suppliers (for each configuration of the comparison engine independently)
  • additional controller to generate, view and quickly manage basic parameters for each defined comparison engine configuration (visible in screenshots)
  • the ability to disable product data from comparison websites at the level of editing a given product (additional tab on the product editing tab is visible in the screenshots)
  • photo limit option for products in the generated file for comparison engines
  • support for product codes: BLOZ 7, BLOZ 12, ISBN, BDK, OSDW (on the product edition card we have an additional tab where we can specify them, useful for products for pharmacies and bookstores)
  • handling of delivery costs for the Skapiec and Nokaut comparison machines (possibility to select the delivery method for products, the delivery cost is calculated according tob the price of the product and the agreed ranges in the selected delivery method)
  • possibility to choose short or long description for products
  • the ability to include product features in the generated xml, useful when we want to provide more information about products in the generated XML file in comparison engines: Nokaut (property tag), Skąpiec (attribute tag), OkazjeInfo (attribute tag), SmartBay (params tag), Sklep24 (attributes tag)
  • support for promotional text in Nokaut and Radar (as global settings or defined from the product level)
  • support for the warranty tag at Nokaut (set from the product edition level)
  • Buy on Ceneo service for stores that participate in this program
  • Ceneo sometimes requires not to show the full path of a given product category, but the deepest one (the module offers such functionality)
  • option to add text in the name of the product from the prozd or on the back (configuration at the product level)
  • additional generator for mass assignment of additional text to the product name by manufacturers (configuration at the product level)
  • the ability to exclude selected product IDs from the generated XML file (for each configuration of the comparison engine independently)
  • possibility to add a product reference number (index) inproduct name
  • the ability to break down the combination of attributes into products (then each combination becomes a separate product)
  • in order to avoid charges for empty clicks (items with zero status), you can disable them so that they do not appear in the generated XML file
  • possibility to set additional information in the name of the item, eg "Shipping 24h!", "SALE" in front of the product name or on the back.
  • advanced warehouse management support
  • integration via XML file in accordance with the specifications of comparison engines , in the event of changes they are constantly updated
  • the module optimized in terms of speed and memory saving (with a large number of products) uses the fast xmlWriter extension of the PHP language and when generating the XML file, it downloads and saves 50 products from the database during iteration, to save memory on the server.
  • PrestaShop multistore support
  • support for PrestaShop 1.5x, 1.6x and 1.7.x

Demo for clients:

Administrative panel:
Password: demodemo

Data sheet

Prestashop 1.7.x supportYes
Prestashop 1.6.x supportYes
PrestaShop 1.5x supportYes
PrestaShop 1.4x supportNo
Free updates (1 year)Yes
Easy InstallationYes
Requires engine modificationNo
Module approved by PrestaShopYes



Bardzo dobre rozwiązanie

Tak kompleksowego modułu dawno nie widziałem Polecam!!!

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Dzięki za dopisanie nowej porownywarki

Sklep zgodne z życzeniem dopisał mi za darmo obsługę nowej porównywarki, dziękuje.

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Moduł super polecam

W końcu mam pełną kontrolę nad produktami przesyłanymi co ceno, szukałem od dłuższego czasu kompleksowego rozwiązania i w końcu się udało :-)

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