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Goolge Shopping Pro / Google shopping for PrestaShop 1.5.x 1.6.x 1.7.x

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Advanced module generating XML files for Google Merchant Center, all parameters are supported as specified. The module allows you to create file configurations through combinations of parameters: (language, country, store, currency, carrier), the ability to filter / select products for the generated XML file at the configuration level created. The module also works with Facebook and Pinterest because you use the same type of data export in XML format.

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Features and benefits of the module

  • the ability to create your own configuration of files to be generated by combinations of parameters such as: (language, country, shop, currency, delivery method, and other parameters responsible for the products and information about them contained in the generated xml file).
  • the possibility of mapping the store category to the Google product category (in Poland it is not a required parameter, but if you intend to sell to some countries of the European Union, it is required) hints containing this expression in the name of the category and then select and press save this way we can quickly map a fairly large number of categories
  • products can be selected through categories, i.e. we choose from which categories the products are to be included in the generated XML file for Google Merchant Center
  • the ability to use a dictionary for product descriptions and names, e.g. Google does not like and does not accept certain phrases in product descriptions or names, such as FREE DELIVERY, then we can replace such a word on the fly or remove it without correcting the products
  • products can be filtered by excluding the data of manufacturers, suppliers or individual product IDs or categories
  • it is possible to break the combination of products (attributes) into individual products, e.g. (Blouse Name - Color: Red - Size: 44) etc.
  • possibility to exclude products with a price lower than specified in the configuration
  • the ability to choose what should be the GTIN number in the generated file for a given product (EAN, UPC, Index (reference number))
  • the ability to enable or disable delivery costs for generated products in the XML file
  • the ability to choose what should be the MPN number in the generated file for a given product (supplier reference number, index (reference number) m or product id) or we can disable this attribute
  • delivery costs (cost, name of the delivery method, country ISO code) are generated for each of the products in the xml file (additionally the delivery cost for all countries that are in the same geographical zone as the country specified when creating the configuration for the xml file)
  • option to select a description for a product (short description / long description) if any of the descriptions does not exist and has been selected in the configuration, the module will replace it with another existing description
  • custom_label support from 0 to 4 (these are own descriptive labels entered from the product level)
  • the ability to choose the type of product photo
  • the possibility of adding the manufacturer's name
  • all product photos are generated in the file </ strong>
  • All values of the availability attribute are supported (in stock, unavailable, made to order) on request it works in such a way that when we have set the date when a given product will be available, the value "on order" appears in the availability attribute
  • the attribute sale price (reduced) and price before discount are supported
  • adult only attribute is supported (it can be turned on or off)
  • the unit price measure attribute is supported
  • the product status attribute is supported (new, used, refurbished)
  • the product type parameter is supported (full path of the product category)
  • all required parameters are supported
  • option to exclude selected products on the product edit tab, Google Shopping tab while editing the product
  • the ability to change the name of the product by providing another one by entering it in the tab when editing the product
  • the option to automatically assign new products to be included in the generated XML file for Gogole purchases
  • the module has been written in such a way as to save maximum server resources (cpu, memory), saving the generated file takes place every 200 products as well as downloading them from the database also every 200 productspoints, i.e. there is no need to allocate a large amount of memory in the case of a very large number of products in the store
  • possibility to add tasks to Cron to generate all files from saved and active configuration or only selected configuration ID of our file
  • the ability to enable or disable a given configuration so that it does not generate when the server starts the Cron task
  • the list of tasks shows all the parameters set and additionally the date of adding the configuration and the date of the last generation of the XML file for a given configuration and the ability to delete the configuration or disable them
  • full multistore support in PrestaShop
  • it is possible to adapt the module to specific customer requirements

Installing the module

  • By "Add a new module" in the Modules tab in the administration panel.
  • No file modifications required !

Automatic generation configuration

Links to add tasks to the Cron table on your server are available after adding the configuration of individual files in the module configuration panel.

Please see the official XML file specification for Gogole Merchant Center:

To learn more about twocasting campaigns for shopping with Google Merchant Center can be found at:

Google Merchant Center is a tool for sending information about your store and products to Google and sharing them on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping allows customers to quickly and easily find product information on Google. With Google Shopping, merchants can:

  • Attract more potential buyers. Google Shopping helps you reach customers when they search for products to buy on Google.
  • Control product information. By using Google Shopping, you can keep your product information accurate and up-to-date. As a result, customers receive information about products that match their search and are available for sale.

Google Shopping is currently available in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

After linking your Google AdWords and Merchant Center accounts, you can directly present your offer to users in product listing ads.
Product listing ads are currently available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Spain, Netherlands, India, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Norwega, Poland, Russia, the United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Great Britain and Italy.

Demo for clients:

Administrative panel:
Password: demo1234

Data sheet

Prestashop 1.7.x supportYes
Prestashop 1.6.x supportYes
PrestaShop 1.5x supportYes
Free updates (1 year)Yes
Easy InstallationYes
Module approved by PrestaShopYes




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Goolge Shopping Pro / Google shopping for PrestaShop 1.5.x 1.6.x 1.7.x

Goolge Shopping Pro / Google shopping for PrestaShop 1.5.x 1.6.x 1.7.x

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