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  • Account activation via email for PrestaShop 1.5.x and 1.6.x

    The module allows you to force on customers who register in the store to activate their account via email confirming registrations in the store, in the mail there is a link that just click to activate the account. This forces clients to verify email addresses so we are sure that we have a valid customer email in the system.

    72,00 zł tax incl.
    58,54 zł tax excl.
  • Additional PDF attachments to the e-mail confirming the...

    The module allows you to upload additional PDF attachments to the email confirming the order, attachments can be turned on and off and update uploaded files straight from the administration panel. Under the new regulations, the customer must receive copies of the regulations and the model of withdrawal from the contract when placing the order.

    49,00 zł tax incl.
    39,84 zł tax excl.
  • Ask for a Pro product for PrestaShop 1.5.x & 1.6.x & 1.7.x

    The module allows for sending a question by the customer about the product, everything is done on the product page by clicking the "Ask for product" link, just after pressing the window with the form is displayed.

    75,00 zł tax incl.
    60,98 zł tax excl.
  • Ask the product price for PrestaShop 1.6.x & 1.7.x

    The module allows you to hide the price of the product in the store and to display the "Ask for price" button on the product card, press it to enter a form allowing to enter the e-mail address to which the product price will be automatically sent (optional), information that the customer asked about the price will also be sent to the store administrator...

    87,00 zł tax incl.
    70,73 zł tax excl.
  • Assignment of products to customer groups for PrestaShop...

    The module allows you to assign products to customer groups in this way, we can hide selected products for selected customer groups.

    70,00 zł tax incl.
    56,91 zł tax excl.
  • Assignment of the product to the payment method for PS 1.4.x

    The module allows for assigning the payment method to the product, does not require modification of the files, someone asks and what will happen when we add one product to the shopping cart with the payment method and the other with the payment method transfer, so the module will assign both delivery methods for the products in the basket .

    86,00 zł tax incl.
    69,92 zł tax excl.
  • Attachments to email messages Pro for PrestaShop 1.5.x...

    The module allows you to add any number of attachments to email sent to the client, eg to confirm the order or to register an account, etc. the module supports PDF attachments as uploaded files or pdf is generated based on the selected CMS page, attachments can be defined for the language, store, and one of 12 predefined e-mail templates that are in the...

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    72,36 zł tax excl.
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  • Badges / statistics module for PrestaShop .1.6.x and. 1.7.x

    The module allows you to add an additional block anywhere on the page with pre-configured blocks (each block contains a numerical value of its unit and descriptive text), e.g. 99.99% satisfied customers or 2345 complex orders), to more vividly present how the module looks like please attached photos of this product.

    78,00 zł tax incl.
    63,41 zł tax excl.
  • Ceneo Trusted Reviews Pro for PrestaShop 1.5.x 1.6.x 1.7.x

    Integration with the Trusted Opini program in Ceneo, the module allows the customer to choose whether to send order data to Ceneo servers or hide the choice of whether he consents and set the default consent in the module configuration, participation in the " Ceneo Trusted Reviews " program allows you to find yourself in the area of recommended offers...

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    55,28 zł tax excl.
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  • Change of the order reference number for Prestashop 1.5.x...

    The module allows you to change the order number to a numerical growing sequence filled with zeros, as it did in Prestashop 1.4.x., if you do not want your order numbers to look like XPE4CDFS and you prefer this format 0000002341 this is the module for you.

    48,00 zł tax incl.
    39,02 zł tax excl.
  • Check the DPD module and set the delivery status for...

    The module allows you to check the delivery status of orders sent by courier company DPD, statuses which are possible to check settings are sent and delivered. It allows you to save time on setting the status of orders delivered or sent.

    139,00 zł tax incl.
    113,01 zł tax excl.
  • Check the DPD module and set the orders as delivered for...

    The module allows marking all orders sent by DPD courier when they are delivered as delivered in the store's administrative panel, you do not have to do it manually, the module automates this process using WebService DPDInfoServices and adding the Cron task in the hosting administration panel.

    119,00 zł tax incl.
    96,75 zł tax excl.
  • Cumulative (threshold) discounts for PrestaShop 16x & 17x

    The module allows creating a cumulative discount program, which consists in creating price thresholds (the sum of customer purchases) after which the customer is assigned to the appropriate rebate group, price thresholds can be calculated in 4 different ways, the sum of all orders, the sum of all orders (from one period year).

    146,00 zł tax incl.
    118,70 zł tax excl.
  • Delivery cost module on the product card for PrestaShop...

    The module allows the customer to display the available delivery methods and their baskets on the product card as a bookmark, in addition to geolocation service for recognizing the customer's country of origin after an IP address if it is not logged in so as to display the correct delivery costs and options available for the region.

    59,00 zł tax incl.
    47,97 zł tax excl.
  • Delivery module based on distance for PrestaShop 1.5.x...

    The module allows you to add a new delivery method which calculates the distance from the store's headquarters to the customer's delivery address, the module can specify the rate per kilometer and additional fixed cost if necessary, the module of course calculates the distance that must be traveled by the delivery vehicle (a not in a straight line from...

    99,00 zł tax incl.
    80,49 zł tax excl.
  • Delivery module based on distance Pro for PrestaShop...

    The module allows you to add a new delivery method which calculates the distance from the store's headquarters to the customer's delivery address, in the module you can specify the rate for weight ranges, prices or distances per kilometer / mile and additional fixed cost if necessary, the module of course calculates the distance must go through the...

    123,00 zł tax incl.
    100,00 zł tax excl.
  • Discount coupon for account registration / sign up for...

    The module allows you to send your customers a rebate coupon for registering a new account and subscribing to the newsletter or only for registering a new account.

    72,80 zł tax incl.
    59,19 zł tax excl. 104,00 zł -30%
  • Domodi / Allanii pixel tracking for PrestaShop 1.6.x and...

    The DomodiPixel module supports the management of product campaigns run on Domodi and Allania websites. Thanks to DomodiPixel we can provide even better positioning of products and more precise selection of marketing communication channels supporting sales. The tool provides information not only about the transaction made, but also about products that...

    120,00 zł tax incl.
    97,56 zł tax excl.
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads Products Feed XML dla PrestaShop 1.5.x oraz 1.6.x Facebook Dynamic Ads Products Feed XML dla PrestaShop 1.5.x oraz 1.6.x
    -30,00 zł
    Export XML products for dynamic Facebook ads to...

    The module allows you to generate a list of products in XML format which we need to run campaigns using dynamic ads on Facebook.

    93,00 zł tax incl.
    75,61 zł tax excl. 123,00 zł -30,00 zł
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  • Facebook Pixel for Prestashop 1.5.x and 1.6.x

    The module allows you to integrate the store with Facebook Pixel, the module integrates with standard events such as adding a product to the shopping cart, starting shopping, order confirmation, choosing a payment method, visiting a product or category card, or simply displaying the page, Thanks to pixel Facebook you can perform measurement or...

    80,00 zł tax incl.
    65,04 zł tax excl.
  • Falling snowflakes Pro for PrestaShop 1.5.x and 1.6.x

    The module allows you to add the effect of falling snowflakes to the page, so as to give the website a festive atmosphere.

    62,10 zł tax incl.
    50,49 zł tax excl. 69,00 zł -10%
  • Free delivery module for selected products for PrestaShop...

    Free delivery module for PrestaShop, allowing you to define free shipping for selected countries, delivery methods, stores, customer groups, products, price and weight ranges , the module has two ways of work one of them resets the contents of the basket if there is a product with free delivery activated and the other in which the weight or price of the...

    120,00 zł tax incl.
    97,56 zł tax excl.
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  • Free shipping module for selected products for PS 1.4.x

    The module allows to define a free shipping for a selected product (products) on the product edition page in the administration panel. It is possible to define for which languages or countries in the store has free shipping to apply, each subsequent product added to the cart with no fixed free shipping will result in the calculation of normal delivery...

    150,50 zł tax incl.
    122,36 zł tax excl.
  • Google AdWords Pro sales conversion tracking for...

    The module integrating with the AdWords advertising platform, and more specifically with the sales conversion tracking function, will allow you to determine how the effectiveness of your ads translates into the success of your company. Conversion tracking also makes it easy to see which effective ads and keywords have the most impact on your business...

    89,00 zł tax incl.
    72,36 zł tax excl.

PrestaShop expansion revolves around the modules, which are small programs that use the functionality of PrestaShop. Modules increase the functionality of our store, and enrich it with new possibilities for how and make the use of our store can be easier and more fun at low cost.

Moduły / Integracje / Modyfikacje / Sklepy PrestaShop to agencja interaktywna działającą od 2009 roku, specjalizująca się we wdrożeniach sklepów internetowych opartych o platformę Prestashop. Zapewniamy naszym Klientom kompleksową obsługę i wspieramy na każdym etapie, od koncepcji, przez wdrożenie, po opiekę i rozwój sklepu, specjalizujemy się również w pisaniu integracji z hurtowniami, systemami sprzedażowymi oraz modułów pod specyfikację klienta, działamy na każdym europejskim rynku e-commerce. Nasze moduły można znaleźć również w oficjalnym sklepie z dodatkami Prestashop Addons Store.