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Goolge Merchant Center Pro/Google shopping for PrestaShop 1.5 x and 1.6 x

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Advanced module that generates XML files to Google Merchant Center, all parameters are supported in accordance with the specification. The module allows you to create configuration files through combinations of parameters (language, country, shop, currency, air carrier)

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Features and benefits of the module

  • the ability to create your own configuration files to generate the through a combination of parameters such as: (language, country, shop, currency, delivery method)
  • we can choose products by categories, select the category from which or products are to be found in the generated XML file for Google Merchant Center
  • products we can filter through the exclusion of data manufacturers, suppliers or individual product ID or category
  • it is possible to break down the combination of products (attributes) to a single products. (Blouses-colour: Red-size: 44), etc.
  • the ability to exclude products with a price lower than that specified in the configuration
  • can select what is to be the number of GTIN in the generated file for a given product (EAN, UPC, Index (reference))
  • the ability to enable or disable shipping costs for products generated in the XML file
  • can select what is to be the number of the MPN in the generated file for the product in question (the reference number of the supplier, index (reference number)) or we can turn off the attribute
  • delivery costs (cost, the name of the method of delivery, the ISO code of the country) are generated for each of the products in the xml file (additional delivery cost for all countries that are in the same geographic zone "Zone"as a country given to you when you create a configuration for xml file)
  • you product description (summary/long description) as one of descriptions does not exist and has been selected in the configuration of this module will replace other existing description
  • can add the name of the manufacturer
  • in the file generated are all product images
  • availability attribute values are supported (in stock, available for order) to order works this way that as we have set the date when the product will be available in the availability of appears" "
  • sale price attribute is supported (reduced) rates, as well as original
  • attribute is supported only for adults (the ability to enable or disable it)
  • attribute is supported the measure unit price
  • product status attribute is supported (new, used, refurbished)
  • product type parameter is supported (the full path to the category of the product in question)
  • all required parameters
  • module was written so as to save up to server resources (cpu , memory) save the generated file takes place every 200 products and their pobiieranei in the ddanych also what 200 products so there is no need for the allocation of a large park,Hey, the amount of memory in the case of a very large number of products in the store
  • can add cron tasks to generate all the files from the saved and active configuration or only the selected configuration file
  • our ID the ability to enable or disable the configuration so that it does not generate a server when you started the Cron job
  • task list shows all the parameters set, plus the date of addition of configuration, and the date of the last generation of XML file for your configuration and the ability to remove configuration or their exclusion
  • a full service in the multistore PrestaShop
  • there is the ability to customize the module under the specific requirements of the client < br/> < br/>


  • by the ' add new module "in the modules Administration Panel.
  • file modifications are not required ! < br/> < br/>

The auto-generated Configuration

Links to add tasks to the Cron on your server are available when you add a configuration of individual files in the module configuration


Please refer to the official specification of the XML file for the Gogole Merchant Center: < br/> < a href = "https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/188494? hl = en" > https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/188494? hl = en < br/>

to learn more on thesemat to create shopping campaign with Google Merchant Center, you will find on the site: < br/> < a href = "https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/2660968" > https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/2660968

Google Merchant Center is a tool to upload information about your store and products to Google and make their purchases from Google. < br/> < br/> Shopping Google allow customers to quickly and easily find information about the products on Google. Thanks to Google Shopping sellers may:

  • to attract more potential buyers. Google shopping can help you reach customers when they are looking for in Google products for purchase.
  • Control product information. Using Google Shopping, you can keep the accuracy and timeliness of information about their products. This allows customers to receive information about the products that match their search and available for sale.

Google Purchases are now available in the United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. < br/> < br/> When you combine Google AdWords accounts and Merchant Center you can directly present their offer to users in ads with a list of products. list of Ads's < br/> products are currently available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Spain, the Netherlands, India , Japan, Canada, Mexico, Niemczech, Norway, Poland, Russia, the United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the Uk and Italy.

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Prestashop support 1.6.So
PrestaShop support 1.5 xSo
Translation modulePL, EN
Free upgrades (1 year)So
Ease of installationSo
Approved by the module for PrestaShopSo



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Goolge Merchant Center Pro/Google shopping for PrestaShop 1.5 x and 1.6 x

Goolge Merchant Center Pro/Google shopping for PrestaShop 1.5 x and 1.6 x

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