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  • Assignment of the product to the payment method for PS 1.4.x

    The module allows for assigning the payment method to the product, does not require modification of the files, someone asks and what will happen when we add one product with the payment method to the cart and the other with the payment method transfer? Therefore the module will assign both delivery methods for the products in the basket .

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  • Payment module by bank transfer with the option of...

    The bank transfer payment module with the option of assigning foreign currency accounts to the currency in the store allows you to display correct bank transfer details to clients in accordance with the currency in which the customer placed the order, the bank account details are also sent in the order confirmation e-mail. The module looks and works on...

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  • Payment module installment Żagiel SA

    The module allows you to shop in your prestashop-based store using the Żagiel SA installment system, additionally there is an installer simulator module on the product page.

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  • Payment on delivery in the shop for PrestaShop 1.5.x and...

    Payment module allowing for payment on delivery in the store at the indicated address, the module sends the customer an email with the place of collection and store opening data where the order can be made, the seller in case of not having the product or products in stock, stops the order and only when completing ordered products change the status to...

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  • Payment on delivery module for an additional fee for...

    Payment on delivery for an additional fee, it is a payment module that allows you to set an additional amount of collection. The module is installed as a typical payment module and appears later on the list of payments to be selected along with an additional description informing the client that he selects the payment and the amount will be added in the...

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  • Paypal additional fee for PrestaShop 1.5.x and 1.6.x

    The PayPal payment module allows you to transfer the fee charged for the transaction via PayPal on the client , in the configuration of the PayPal payment module set the percentage or / and a fixed value to be added to the order, additional payment is included in the invoice.

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  • Payu payment link for PrestaShop 1.6.x and 1.7.x

    The module allows you to send a payment link from the order card in the administration panel via e-mail to the customer who placed the order via PayU official module or any other payment method so that he can finish the payment for the order, the order paid by the link in the e-mail message The e-mail will be automatically marked with the status in...

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Moduły / Integracje / Modyfikacje / Sklepy PrestaShop to agencja interaktywna działającą od 2009 roku, specjalizująca się we wdrożeniach sklepów internetowych opartych o platformę Prestashop. Zapewniamy naszym Klientom kompleksową obsługę i wspieramy na każdym etapie, od koncepcji, przez wdrożenie, po opiekę i rozwój sklepu, specjalizujemy się również w pisaniu integracji z hurtowniami, systemami sprzedażowymi oraz modułów pod specyfikację klienta, działamy na każdym europejskim rynku e-commerce. Nasze moduły można znaleźć również w oficjalnym sklepie z dodatkami Prestashop Addons Store.